Current research projects

Leishmania population genomics
We aim for a global understanding of Leishmania populations and the genetic factors that influence drug treatments and clinical outcomes. We focus on understanding fundamental aspects of population, quantitative and evolutionary genetics that will enhance our ability the control of the parasite.

Population genomics of Leishmania infantum in Brazil
As part of the UK:Brazil Joint Centre Partnership in leishmaniasis we are using population genomics and quantitative genetic methods to understand the spread of Leishmania infantum in Brazil, and the effects of genetic diversity on disease severity and treatment outcomes.

Funders: Wellcome Trust, GCRF, MRC and FAPESP.
Collaborators: Jeremy Mottram (York), Carlos Henrique Nery Costa (Brazil), Elisa Cupolillo (Brazil)

Population genomics of Leishmania donovani in Africa
Recent MRC funding will describe the diversity of Leishmania donovani in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Sudan.
Funder: MRC
Collaborators: Paul Kaye (York), Asrat Hailu (Ethiopia), Joseph Olobo (Uganda), Ahmed Musa (Sudan),  
Margaret Mbuchi (Kenya), Jane Mbui (Kenya).

Genomics of the extremophile red alga Galdieria sulphuraria
With Seth Davis, we are investigating the weird and wonderful genome of Galdieria sulphuraria.
Funder: BBSRC

Population genomics of plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum
With Ville Friman, we are applying population genomics to understand how R. solanacearum spreads through waterways in the UK and causes brown rot in potatoes.
Funder: BBSRC and NERC.
Collaborator: Ville Friman

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